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Program Mission

The mission of the International Business Program is to develop graduates who add value to an enterprise by applying their knowledge of business and international business theory and practice, communicating persuasively, and acting with character and compassion. Graduates of the International Business program will be able to understand, respect, and work effectively in international and intercultural interactions with people whose thoughts and values differ from their own; will know geopolitical forces, events, and trends, both historic and current; and will be able to navigate the ambiguity and uncertainty that characterize international and intercultural interactions.

Degree Information

Preparing to do business in the global community is essential for any business person. Whether as a seller, buyer, or employer, the ability and confidence to interact with, negotiate, affirm, and execute at a multi-national level is the target of our BA in International Business. The preparation and immersion requirement, regardless of the industry in which you choose to work, will accelerate your career.


Brian Henry, M.S.B, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor and Finance Program Chair
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  • Minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)